Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We Planted a Tree

Our house sits right up near the sidewalk at the intersection of two busy streets, so hanging out on the porch feels like being on stage. There's Mr. Flossie playing the part of "Man Working on Laptop."

My dream is a big screen of trees providing us some privacy and shade. Here's what we could afford.

It's a Prairiefire Crabapple. Cute, huh? It's currently only seven feet tall—thus its three topmost branches extend a few inches above the porch rail—but supposedly they get to be up to 20'.

Grow, tree, grow!


Mike said...

Hello Flossie,

Thanks for the link to Foxcroft, I found you through checking my stats. (Two visitors came to me though you yesterday)

I know your house well, and visited it when Dr. M was fixing it up. Welcome to the blog world, if you go to the Friend's of Historic Preservation's Parade of Historic Homes, (http://ic-fhp.org/) please introduce yourself!

flossie said...

Hi Mike!

Seeing your blog helped inspire me to start this one. Of course, Mr. F and I love the Friends of Historic Preservation and Dr. M, who restored our home and then chose us to sell it to. We lucked out: we get all the glory of a beautifully restored house with none of the pain--which is good because we don't know the first thing about restoration.

I will look for you at the Parade of Historic Homes!