Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things I'd Like to Do Around the House but Are Perpetually Too Low-Priority to Ever Happen

  • Take all the photos and other crap off the fridge door, throw away what needs to be thrown away, and start over.
  • Reorganize the recipe binder, throwing away recipes I never use.
  • Figure out how to vacuum out fridge coils and do it.
  • File the "To Be Filed" stack that's on top of the filing cabinet in my study, and while we're at it, revamp the filing system so it's actually useful.
  • Create a semblance of order in the foyer closet and the two closets upstairs we use for storage.
  • Sweep the basement.

I know I would feel really good if I got these tasks done. But they hover around #1000 on my mental list of things to do. Maybe a super-giant reward would be in order upon completion of each item. Like a pint of gelato or a chocolate cake.


G-o-B-o-F said...

I think baking said chocolate cake should be done first, then comes cleaning off the fridge. Who can work on an empty stomach? B-o-F is asleep after having shirked his book-packing chore all day, which is apparently tiring.

By the by, I think if I wait a couple days to comment on your latest post, it somehow disguises the fact that I check your blogs neurotically at least daily, if not more often.

flossie said...

GoBoF, I recommend using bloglines to keep track of your favorite blogs. Then you don't have to manually check each time.

And BTW, I am such an obsessive blog reader that I am often the first to comment on people's blogs, like a hour after they post.

Let me know when you start your own blog!

Genie said...

Do you know what I did with the To Be Filed pile? I stuck it in a cupboard and shut the door.

At some point, I'm going to actually have to file the stuff, but for now, it is satisfying to have it hidden.

Of course, replicating my plan requires an empty cupboard. So there's that.

So glad to be able to hang with you and your partner in domestic bliss (as well as K-Dog and Spike) this evening -- it was great fun!

flossie said...

Hi Genie! It was great to finally meet you in person; much nicer than merely being a lurker on your blog.

Yes, the cupboard is a good idea, but as you suspect, I don't have an empty one. Maybe the next best thing is to train myself to selective blindness and just not see the stack of papers when I walk by it.