Friday, September 21, 2007

Buy Nothing Summer Is Over, Baby

I started getting a paycheck again in September, plus I got a supplementary job as a grader for a lecture class, plus I just finished a freelance editing gig. I'm feeling flush. Of course, when the reality of bills and expenses hits, Buy Nothing Semester will commence.

But in that short window of opportunity, I went to the big mall in College Town. I'm now fully addicted to the thrill of getting shoes for $3 or a shirt for $2 at the thrift stores, but for whatever reason, the thrift stores aren't so good for workout clothes, so it was off to the mall.

It was rather a shock after the summer of thrifting. Anything over $20 seemed like a total ripoff. The saleswomen in this one teeny-bopper store were scary and Stepford-y and told me three times that underwear was on sale in the back. I found myself scoffing at entire stores of poorer-quality clothes than are on the $2 rack at the Mennonite charity thrift shop.

But I got out with my sweatpants and T-shirts, and even some of that sale underwear, and came home and, on a consumer roll, ordered these online. Can't wait till they arrive. It makes it sweeter that I waited all summer to get them.

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