Sunday, October 28, 2007

IKEA Love/Hate

Today we finally put up the pot rack from IKEA we bought six months ago. We screwed it into the window molding because the walls are plaster and it's always highly nerve-racking to hang anything on those walls. They are just as likely to chip clean away as end up with the desired drill or nail hole. As it turns out, I like the over-the-window aesthetic. It's kind of a pseudo–window treatment.

We also put up the racks for the pot lids. Oh IKEA, you think of everything. Too bad shopping there is like being in a madhouse and then you're sweating as you count those funny-looking screws back at home, hoping there are enough in the package to assemble your product because the nearest IKEA is 200 miles away.

But then again, this has really freed up some cabinet space in our small kitchen.

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