Sunday, February 24, 2008

101 things / 1001 days

I saw that 101 things meme a few months ago, and I slowly started to write my own list. I think it's ready for unveiling now, though it's not quite complete, as you'll see at the bottom.

Drum roll, please... By Sunday, November 21, 2010, these are the goals I want to have accomplished:

1. get my PhD
2. get a job done 7/2/08

writing, reading
3. adhere to a daily writing schedule for one month
4. submit an essay to The Sun
5. read 5 new novels
6. read 5 new memoirs
7. read a poem at the Poetry Daily web site at least once a week
8. go to the public library and read magazines
9. re-read Writing Down the Bones
10. read Natalie Goldberg’s new book on memoir writing
11. read a book about spirituality

friends, family
12. have 5 dinner parties
13. host 5 houseguests
14. see Old Friend Who Lives in St. Louis
15. see Old Friend Who Lives in Houston
16. spend time with Mom in Korea
17. spend time with Brother in D.C.
18. visit Mom before she moves away from next state
19. babysit a friend’s kid
20. play with the cats once a day
21. brush the cats once a week

22. take Mr. Flossie to the House on the Rock
23. make him take me to the Seed Savers Heritage Farm
24. visit Madison, Wisconsin
25. get a world map and stick map pins where Mr. F and I have traveled done 4/5/08
26. visit a botanical garden done 4/7/08

political, environmental
27. participate in a march or protest
28. campaign for a local candidate
29. lobby for more recycling bins on campus
30. find out my carbon footprint
31. buy a TerraPass

32. learn to identify ten native trees
33. …ten native birds
34. …ten flowering plants
35. learn CPR
36. learn first aid
37. take a stargazing class
38. take a car-maintenance class
39. take a home repair class
40. take a cooking class done 2/12/08
41. learn what kind of wines I like
42. learn a Spanish word a day (through iGoogle page)
43. learn a Korean word a day (again, iGoogle)
44. re-learn the Korean alphabet
45. try to grasp some Korean grammar rules
46. learn to drive stick

47. learn to bake bread
48. learn to knit socks
49. learn to crochet
50. learn to sew a skirt
51. make something crafty with all the wine corks we’ve saved

health, wellness
52. go a month without soda
53. try out veganism for two weeks
54. go to a pilates or yoga class at the gym once a week for three months
55. drink an extra glass of water a day
56. do not go online for 3 consecutive days
57. learn to meditate

odious grownup tasks
58. write a will
59. get new car tires done 3/18/08
60. put together an emergency kit for the car
61. start an emergency fund in savings

things for society
62. donate to public radio
63. plug someone else’s expired meter
64. walk dogs or pet cats at the no-kill animal shelter

fun things
65. make a mix CD
66. get a massage
67. get a pedicure
68. get a facial
69. ride in a convertible
70. try a new cuisine
71. learn how to wear makeup
72. complete a New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle
73. go hiking
74. go on a daylong bike outing
75. go whitewater rafting or canoeing
76. go cross-country skiing
77. go on a picnic
78. go on a walk around the neighborhood for no reason
79. go to a U-pick farm or orchard

home ec
80. plant vegetables
81. organize photos
82. buy new towels
83. buy a new oven mitt done 7/2/08
84. organize my home office
85. clean the basement
86. clean the attic
87. make up a box of things to donate to the Mennonite thrift store
88. join a CSA for a season
89. go to the farmer’s market once a week for two months
90. find one thing to de-clutter in each room
91. landscape front yard
92. hang a birdfeeder
93. make a meal plan and grocery list for an upcoming week
94. do not eat dinner out for two weeks
95. pick out all my outfits for an upcoming week
96. purge all the mom-jeans from my wardrobe
97. convert old T-shirts to rags
98. bring my lunch to work for a week

99. ask blog readers to suggest goals 99-101


Veg*Triathlete said...

Maybe I can help with 40, 53, and 74? Are you taking either of RA Dave's vegan cooking classes this spring? I signed up for both - there's one in March & one in April, I think. Come with me!

And hey, how's this for a bike trip? When it gets nice I'm going to hook up the Bike Library's hauling trailer to my bike & ride down to Kalona to shop for bulk ingredients at the Stringtown Grocery. You should come & then we bake a pie or something when we get back :-)

flossie said...

I was hoping you'd help with those, Veg. In fact, I even plan to take a certain cupcake-making class with a certain "local vegan baker."

Anonymous said...

great goals, all the best with them ^^