Saturday, April 5, 2008

# 25 Get a world map and stick map pins where Mr. Flossie and I have traveled

I love maps. I have been known to get so immersed in a map while supposedly navigating that I have allowed the driver to miss an exit.

I've wanted to do a map of our travels since I saw the same thing at a friend's house, but framed maps on bulletin boards are expensive. So I found a National Geographic world map at a used bookstore for $3 and had it mounted on foam core at Dick Blick for $20. Now it's in the hallway between the kitchen and the back stairs. I decided to go minimalist and stick pins only in places where Mr. Flossie and I have gone together, outside the continental US.

Now when I walk down the hallway, I think, "Ah! Juneau!"

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