Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No-Drive Summer?

After spending $30 on gas (and my tank was only half empty) yesterday, I biked to my therapy appointment this morning, biked to the bike shop*, biked to a doctor's appointment,** biked to work, biked to the library, and will bike home shortly. I want to make my tank of gas last the whole summer. I don't have to go anywhere, really—except for Sweden, heh. On which more later.

* Because I had a flat and Veg fixed it; she wanted me to take it in to make sure the tire was back on OK. It was! This picture is Veg making adjustments.

** Where I got a sour male resident at first, who clearly had no idea, and asked me surprising and unsettling questions about my psychiatric and gynecological history (I was there for a rash on my chin, people!!), and said he was going to consult with "his staff," and then reappeared with an older female doctor, clearly his supervisor, who was awesome and who knew exactly what to prescribe. His staff. Sheesh. Sorry, I HATE bad doctors.

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