Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rain, Rain

Areas of College Town are flooding, but since I live on high ground this fact hadn't really penetrated my tiny brain. Then I got this mass e-mail regarding the building where I work, let's call it Toxic Mold Building,* which is located by the river:
"Please consider what you would need to remove from Toxic Mold Building if given a 24 hour notice that you would have to move out and not be able to return to Toxic Mold Building for at least 1 month."
Ominous. The last thing Toxic Mold Building needs is to be inundated. That would only encourage more toxic mold.

And how would I figure out what I would need from the office to do my work for the next month? Rain, rain, go away.

* I have no evidence of there being toxic mold in my building, but it is commonly believed that there is something "off" about the atmosphere in the building. Although that could have emotional as well as material causes.

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