Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Bullets of Inundation

  • As of yesterday, Toxic Mold Building went from the "in danger of flooding" list to the "flooded" list. This is a picture a professor from the department took on Saturday of the river approaching the building from the right.
  • Mr. F was supposed to fly home from Atlanta on Saturday, but there is no open route for me to drive to the airport to pick him up. So he's stranded in Chicago at a friend's house.
  • A bright spot amid all the breached levees: a mobile home park south of town that our friend Steve, who works for the city, was frantically sandbagging was evacuated—he had to personally go door to door to evict people who for the most part really can't afford to lose their homes and their possessions—but the latest news is that the sandbag levee seems to be holding!
  • An 1898 wooden bridge, no longer used for traffic but preserved as a landmark, was carried away by the Cedar River. It was out in the middle of nowhere, with only a bar and a few houses nearby. You could drive out there, buy a PBR at the bar, walk carefully around the picturesque but alarming gaps in the planks, and sit at a picnic table on the bridge and watch the river flow by. Mr. F and I had our second date there.

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