Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Garden Report #1

As of this weekend, the Not Sunny Enough Garden is officially open for business for the season, with five tomato plants in the back row and two eggplants and two basils in the foreground. I asked the tomato-plant guy at the farmers' market for an assortment of easy-to-grow tomatoes, and he gave me the following: Black Prince, Brown Berry, Early Girl, red and yellow striped Roma, and Yellow Pear.

Also, in the left foreground, I planted some seeds from two years ago I came across among the gardening things—I don't know if they'll even germinate after all this time. They're Queen Anne's Pocket melons, which Stud McMuffin gave me because the miniature melons were carried around by Victorian ladies for their sweet scent and she thought that sounded wacky, and so did I. Can I work pocket melons into my dissertation somehow? Hmm....

1 comment:

Jen said...

Oh, man... your "miniature melons" comment totally reminded me of that absolute JOKE of a watermelon we harvested from our miserable Wetherby Park gardening experience... sigh. We're doing so much better this time, though!!!

(cupcakes are in the oven right now! see you soon!)