Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi Amber!

This one's for Amber, whose Google Reader is lonely because her friends aren't updating their blogs.

We got the kind of towels Amber recommended—Thomas O'Brien at Target. Our previous set of towels was five years old and looking most sickly:

Picking a towel color is challenging because we have a bathroom with ketchup-red walls and black-and-white floor tiles. Finally we went with the matching-by-not-matching-at-all tactic (a tactic I just made up): sea green.

I know it sounds super-consumeristic when I report on such things as towels, but I'm actually an oblivious academic who would probably never buy new towels for 20 years and this blog helps motivate me to do things that help me feel like my life is at least somewhat balanced! Really!


Amber said...

Hooray! My Reader is warmed. And I applaud your towel color choice -- sea green a non-neutral neutral. Classic and modern, both. Up with consumerism (in moderation)! Isn't that how we're going to save the economy?

Buttercup said...

Brother-of-Flossie has a towel from a hotel in Korea. It's probably the nicest in the bunch and he hasn't been to Korea in...6 years? :D I think the sea foam is lovely.