Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carpet Fetish

I've always liked the idea of area rugs, but Mr. Flossie is categorically against it at home, saying "why cover up such beautiful hardwood floors" etc etc etc. So I've found an outlet for my proclivity at work, which does not have beautiful floors, and where my associates and I have used the proceeds from a bake sale to buy this lovely modular carpet from flor. We had a great time ordering carpet samples and imagining them in our color-deficient office suite. (Though it's just an accident that the blue in the carpet matches the blue of the recycling bin!) It turned out so well that I'm considering reopening the debate at home. It's not just about covering up the floors, it's about defining a space, yes?


Amber said...

Bravo! It looks lovely. You must bake a mean cupcake.

Deborah said...

You could always try the "protecting the floor" argument at home :)