Sunday, November 15, 2009

All Hail the Labelmaker

I bought this labelmaker recently, and I daresay it has started a revolution in the Flossie household. Now we have plastic bins in the basement and the attic with the following labels: holidays [lights, ornaments...], party [paper plates, tablecloths...], games, toys, presents [wrapping paper, ribbon...], garden, etc.

We also have an old desk with many drawers that has become an expanded junk drawer, with labeled drawers for candles, adhesives [tape, post-its], batteries, and light bulbs. It is so nice finding a bit of ribbon or a pack of batteries or nightlight bulbs somewhere else in the house and knowing exactly where it should go.
So far, I have labeled one Tupperware of leftover spaghetti with the date, but I see much more potential: perhaps labeling freshly opened chip bags and cracker boxes (things that don't get eaten quickly around here) with the date they were opened.

Labeling is so much fun, I keep trying to think of more things to label. Perhaps Mr. Flossie needs to be labeled?

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