Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flossie's Little Helper

Why, what a delicious meal of marinated tempeh, lemon-garlic kale, and herbed roasted potatoes and celery root. How did I ever do it? Oh, you know, just whipped it together between working at the office and trying to finish my dissertation.


Mr. Flossie and I have been subscribing to the Red Avocado meal plan: four vegan and usually gluten-free dinners for two, $65/week. They are delicious meals, they patronize a worthy local cause, and...I feel so ashamed! I have a domesticity blog, for god's sake! I should not be outsourcing my domesticity!

Just to make the confession complete, I'll also tell you that we've been hiring someone to clean our house twice a month. Taking shortcuts is the name of the game Chez F.

"Why do we feel we need to do it all?" asked Dr. Knitter. "Did people think that men in the fifties needed to work from 9 to 5, then come home and cook and clean afterward?"

Sigh. No. But the house feels wife-less, in all the good ways, and all the bad ways.


Anonymous said...

Nom nom nom! What a cutie.

flossie said...

Mr. Flossie is trying to train them that it's OK to sit on the kitchen stools, but not OK to get up on the counter, because "stools are for sitting." Not sure they quite get the distinction yet, though, as being on the stool often leads within moments to being on the counter.

Deborah said...

I'm glad you confessed the second thing, because I am always amazed at how clean your house is, knowing how busy you and Mr. F always are. This makes me feel a TINY bit better about how my two-room apartment doesn't even look clean on the occasions when I clean it!