Monday, November 15, 2010

Phantom To-Do List

Hello! I'm still here, just have been busy. I'm usually one of those people who likes to make to-do lists, because they help me feel in control. However, for this past month, I've been afraid to make one for fear of how many items it would have. I estimated 200 at one point, if you include all the dissertation things that needed to get done, things that need to get done at work before taking three months of leave, decisions that need to be made about the birth, and decisions to make as to what to acquire and not acquire from the various preparing-for-baby lists. And a hard deadline for all of those 200 things: December 13. Or sooner.

Once I decided my dissertation was as done as it was going to get and got it formatted and turned in to my committee, that removed a good chunk of the phantom list, enough that I could start to contemplate writing it down. Just now I wrote down 27 things off the top of my head. One of those things was to post to my blogs. Down to 26!

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Breena said...

Congrats on turning it in!