Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shamed by the UPS Man

If you have a baby, and you are me, you don't get out to stores a lot. Even getting through the door of a store with a stroller can seem like too much trouble. And yet, you need things. For me, ordering online became a habit. Especially lying in bed late at night during marathon nursing sessions, I would multitask by using those oh-so-handy Amazon and Zappos apps on my iPhone.

Well, the other day I got word that the UPS man—the UPS man!—had raised an eyebrow about just how many boxes I was receiving. Oh the shame. So I've declared a moratorium on ordering merchandise by mail. Not only will I try to stop abusing my Amazon Prime privileges (okay, maybe cut down to every month or so), but I have unsubscribed from those daily temptation emails from the likes of Zulily and Baby Steals.

Late at night, I'll just have to read more books on my iPhone instead of pressing the "buy" button. I may still have to spend money on downloading books from iTunes, but at least no one will know but me!


Laura said...

Lynne! This is hilarious! But how on earth did you get word that the UPS man was judgmental of the number of packages he had to bring to your doorstep?

I am fully in support of reading, so that sounds like a fun resolution to me, but in all fairness, I'm guessing the UPS man has never been housebound with the under-1 set before, so don't feel too badly. During that first year, we ordered Thai food so often that the delivery person knew not to ring the bell :)

flossie said...

The UPS man ran into our babysitter and asked if she was this Lynne person to whom all the boxes were addressed! A conversation ensued in which she explained my seeming addiction with the fact that I have Amazon Prime.

Only in the Midwest would the UPS man be concerned with, and comment on, your ordering habits!