Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Buy Nothing Summer, Accomplishment #1: I No Longer Buy Dish Sponges

I just knit these dishrags. They last forever. They're cleaner than sponges, too: you just rotate them out of dish duty and toss them in the washing machine.


Girlfriend-of-Brother-of-Flossie said...

I'm so envious of your knitting skills. I've been working on the same crocheted afghan for, oh, 5 years now. It's still only about 3' x 3'. Maybe if you get some free time (ha!) you could knit some for Brother-of-Flossie. He has a serious grimy sponge problem.

P.S. May I have a new moniker? This one is a mouthful.

flossie said...


Of course you may have a new moniker. Feel free to come up with one that you like.

I would be happy to knit some for B-o-F. But don't be envious; my knitting skills are really basic. I still hope to graduate to a sock someday.