Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Staple Gun of Her Own

Isn't this a beautiful compost bin? Stud McMuffin (a.k.a. Domestic Goddess M.) came over and helped me make it last weekend. It only took three pallets, a handful of nails, a hammer, Stud's staple gun, and some chicken wire. The chicken wire in front is folded over, so as the bin fills up I can make it higher.

I felt so empowered! I think I need to get a staple gun and start finding more reasons to use it, immediately.

Here is the Before picture, the compost area that preexisted our living here: some chicken wire attached to the fence in the corner of the yard. Although it is home to a lovely squash plant, it is not that practical as a composter—the sides are too tall to get in there to turn the compost—and as you can see, I've let the vine situation get completely out of hand.


Big Mama said...

Stud McMuffin is so handy. I wish she was still my neighbor so she could help me with building a compost bin, hanging a door, and baking bread. Flossie, I'm proud of your work! Should I buy you a tool belt for your birthday?

flossie said...

I know! Stud McMuffin is the best.

What you and Mr. Henry and Blue (does he have a pseudonym?) need to do is move back to College Town.