Friday, August 24, 2007

Too Cute

I'm glad Buy Nothing Summer is almost over, because I'm so totally going to buy everything on this web site.

But seriously. Starting September I resume getting my grad student income, so I can do things I've been putting off, like calling an electrician to fix some light fixtures around the house and getting new sneakers. But Buy Nothing Summer was surprisingly fun. I had my doubts that it would work, because I never thought I made that many optional purchases to begin with, but it's amazing what becomes optional when you really think about it. And my bank account balance just stayed where it was, for days and days and days, which was gratifying.

Somehow I lived through the summer without: light in the back hallway, new workout shoes, a new swimsuit, a basket for my bike, the Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook, and a compost bucket. I know, I've been roughing it, huh?


G-o-B-o-F said...

That danged link is seriously going to interfere with my "buy nothing decade."

flossie said...


Here's another site to tempt you:

I especially like the "Bigfoot vs. Abe Lincoln" t-shirt.