Monday, November 3, 2008

Return of the Wine Cooler

Veg turned me on to this fabulous wine cooler combo: sparkling grapefruit juice plus a splash of boxed white wine (well, she didn't suggest the wine be boxed, but I think it makes it extra good).

Am I a lush? Probably. You can tell me. Or maybe it means I came of age in the 1980s. Remember Bruce Willis singing the Seagram's Golden Wine Cooler song? "It's wet and it's dry. My my my my." What does that even mean? And yet, it's hardwired into my brain.

P.S. I did accomplish some stuff this weekend after all: raked about 1/100 of the yard, and took some dust mite abatement measures. I'll talk more about dust mites and all the fascinating things I'm learning about them soon.


brother-of-flossie said...

I remember it like it's yesterday.

And what about those Bartles and Jaymes commercials? "Thank you for your support!"

Buttercup said...

I find those wine cartons pretty exciting. Bonus points for it being called "Bandit."

Willmoore said...

I meant to say I remember it like it WAS yesterday.

Remembering it "like it's yesterday" would be very similar to remembering it today, I guess.

brother-of-flossie said...

Oops, "willmoore" is me.