Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Before-and-After Pics Are So Satisfying, Non?

So, here's what I did with the Problem of the 1,394,287 Beauty Products. I bought these plastic boxes from Office Max—you know, the kind you might see in your supply cabinet at work, housing different kinds of pens and post-its—and used them to sort the millionish beauty products on my bathroom shelf. Now each cream and unguent is visible and accessible. Behold the before-and-after:

What's funny is that I think most people who know me would guess that I spend all of five seconds a day on a beauty regimen that consists of scrubbing my face with Ivory soap and a loofah...alas, we are all victims of the beauty myth.*

*And not-so-mythy sunscreen hysteria—which I wish I had caught onto years ago, as I would have fewer freckles ("age spots" according to my mom) now.


brother-of-flossie said...

But what about vitamin-D deficiency!? Down with sunscreen! Freckles are cute.

flossie said...

After researching the question you raise, b-o-f, I'm still going to be a sunscreen nazi, but will allow you to go without sunscreen for just 15 minutes 3x a week to soak up vitamin D.