Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Humble Crouton

I recently had the brilliant idea of making a big pot of soup and thus providing myself with a multitude of lunches and quick dinners. So I made a double batch of this cilantro-chipotle-potato chowder that I had never made before. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed with the soup from the first bowl. And I had about 20 bowls to go!

I needed to add some flavor and interest to this soup, especially after about a week of having it for lunch every day. Domestic goddess M. gave me the idea of making croutons, and so I roasted a head of garlic in the toaster oven, mashed up the garlic with some olive oil and lemon juice, and drizzled it over stale bread cubes and toasted them. Dropping in a few garlic croutons really picked up that lackluster soup.

Like I said, it's not about big projects right now, but little things that I can do in a few minutes.

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