Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Must Stop...Making Lists...

Inspired by Laura's post, I suddenly was able to think of enough goals to round out my 101 Things list. Of many house projects there is no end. Of course, we would need to win the lottery to actually complete all of these in the next year and a half. It's more of a fantasy list.
  • Affix our house numbers somewhere that guests and pizza delivery people can see at night.
  • Get an automatic light installed over the garage door.
  • Get crumbling front steps replaced.
  • Replace rotting wood in porch.
  • Replace leaky window in living room.
  • Get furnace serviced.
  • Touch up exterior paint where it is peeling.
  • Fix areas of interior plaster that have been damaged by misguided attempts to hang pictures.
  • Learn how to correctly hang pictures on plaster walls.
  • Repaint bathroom where paint has peeled from humidity.
  • Install better bathroom fan.
  • Stain study windows that were put in last year.
  • Plant evergreen bushes around the foundation.
  • Borrow M.'s truck and drive to the landfill for a load of mulch, which they sell there for something like $1/ton.

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