Sunday, February 22, 2009

101 Things Update

It's been a year since I wrote my 101 Things/1001 days post. I only have a year and a half left!

Here's what I've accomplished from the list so far:
  • get my research assistantship reclassified as a job
  • take Mr. Flossie to the House on the Rock (That was fun.)
  • visit Madison, Wisconsin (Same trip.)
  • ride in a convertible (Same trip, last spring. A little cold but fun.)
  • get a world map and stick map pins where Mr. F and I have traveled
  • visit a botanical garden (In St. Louis.)
  • take a cooking class (Vegan cupcakes!)
  • go a month without soda (I never drink soda anymore, if sparkling water doesn't count.)
  • get new car tires
  • donate to public radio
  • plug someone else's expired meter
  • make a mix CD
  • get a massage
  • complete a New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle (Usually the last few words stump me. But finally, I did one 100%.)
  • purge all the circa 1989 mom-jeans from my wardrobe (Or, at least, the most egregiously high-waisted.)
  • landscape front yard (We'll see if the new plants made it through the winter.)
  • buy a new oven mitt
  • plant vegetables (Yield: handfuls of basil, two strangely-shaped eggplants.)
  • go to the public library and read magazines
  • make up a box of things to donate to the Mennonite thrift store (Several times.)
  • drink an extra glass of water a day (My Sigg bottle and I are joined at the hip.)
  • make a point to play with the cats or brush them daily
  • convert old T-shirts to rags
  • start a list of wines I like (So far there is one: Charles Shaw Cabernet. I'm just not a big wine drinker, I've discovered.)
  • get Amber's print framed
  • quit Annoying Yuppie Health Club
  • start swimming at the community pool
One of the remaining things on the list is super-high-priority:
  • finish my dissertation, get PhD
There are others that will probably have to wait until that one is done:
  • learn to bake bread
  • learn to knit socks
  • learn to crochet
  • learn to sew a skirt
  • make something crafty with all the wine corks we’ve saved
  • adhere to a daily (creative) writing schedule for one month
  • read 5 new novels (so far, I've read Goldengrove.)
  • read 5 new memoirs (so far, The Three of Us.)
  • re-read Writing Down the Bones
  • read Natalie Goldberg’s new book on memoir writing
  • learn CPR
  • learn first aid
  • take a stargazing class
  • take a car-maintenance class
  • take a home repair class
  • have 5 dinner parties (So far, I've I think?)
  • host 5 houseguests (So far, two?)
  • study Korean
  • visit Old Friend Who Lives in Houston
  • start an emergency fund in savings (Well, we do have a savings account now. There's just nothing in it.)
  • organize photos
  • learn to drive stick
  • write a will
  • put together an emergency kit for the car
  • go hiking
  • go whitewater rafting
  • go cross-country skiing
  • organize my home office
  • clean the basement
  • clean the attic
  • take piano
  • visit the Seed Savers Farm
And others I can perhaps fit into the corners of the days and weeks:
  • learn to identify ten native trees
  • …ten native birds
  • …ten flowering plants
  • go to a pilates or yoga class once a week for three months
  • visit Old Friend Who Lives in St. Louis
  • visit Brother
  • visit Mom
  • visit Mr. Flossie's grandparents in Wichita
  • visit Mr. F's mom in Miami
  • lobby for more recycling bins on campus
  • try out veganism for two weeks
  • learn to meditate
  • go on a picnic
  • go on a walk around the neighborhood for no reason
  • go to a U-pick farm or orchard
  • buy new towels
  • go to the farmer’s market once a week for two months
  • find one thing to de-clutter in each room
  • find a squirrel-proof birdfeeder
  • make a meal plan and grocery list for an upcoming week
  • do not eat dinner out for two weeks straight
  • pick out all my outfits for an upcoming week
  • bring my lunch to work for a week
  • do not go online for 3 consecutive days
A strict comparison to the list I made a year ago will reveal that I edited some of the items on the list, ditched some, and added others. It still doesn't add up to 101. How is it possible to think of that many goals?


Amber said...

Our Thomas O'Brien towels from Target have held up well. And I can teach you to drive stick! (We'll just need to see each other in the next year and a half.)

flossie said...

You can drive stick, too? I think everyone I know except for me can drive stick!

Amber said...

I didn't actually "learn" to drive an automatic until college. Don't fret; your neighbor, Mr. Patterson, can't drive a stick, either. It only indicates that you are from a flat place, not that you are a lesser driver.