Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tiniest Garden

I vowed not to bother with a garden this year—my yard gets about three seconds of sun a day—and plus, who needs it with all the CSA bounty? But when the weather got nice, I couldn't resist planting this little postage stamp of two tomatoes, one green pepper, an Italian parsley, six marigolds (from Veg), and assorted leek and onion sproutlings (from Stud McMuffin). Growth is questionable because the hillock I chose for the site was apparently constructed with rocks. I tried to till, but ended up just heaping on compost.

Now I've decided I need a planter, because Neighbor Jim just gave me heaps more beautiful compost—filtered and everything! Maybe I'll transfer the herbs currently scattered around the yard to a planter.

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Anonymous said...

C'est mignon! You win the prize for cutest garden!