Saturday, July 31, 2010


I learned that Deb was doing extensive research on vegan chocolate cake recipes, so when I needed to make a cake for work a week later, I simply took advantage of all her hard work and asked for the recipe she found. Hence, this cake and this frosting. Vegan baked goods are perfect for me because I rarely have milk or eggs on hand. My flirtation with veganism ended ignominiously, but still I so rarely eat milk or eggs (lingering mixed feelings after I found out that I may or may not be allergic) that if I get some for a recipe, I only use a little and the rest just sits in the fridge.

I didn't frost the sides because I realized that the only way to get the cake to work was to put the sides of the springform pan back on and cover it with plastic wrap. Now that I have the perfect recipe, next I'll work on my presentation technique.

Hmmm—there is leftover frosting in the fridge, and I still have all the cake ingredients...I may have to make some cupcakes tonight.

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