Sunday, August 15, 2010

CSA Regrets

Why oh why did I not sign up for my CSA share this year? Something about feeling overwhelmed and pressured by having to deal with a boxful of veggies week after week. But after picking up Veg's box of goodies for two weeks in a row this summer while she was in the process of moving, I realize I was crazy not to do it. I simply don't have the gumption to go to the farmer's market every week on my own and pick up tons of random vegetables. The paralysis of indecision may have something to do with that: what to get?—What to make?—Oh no, have to get out all my recipes and read through them all. But getting a box of pre-selected veggies each week takes the decision-making out of my hands. Then I just have to figure out what to make, and usually it turns out to be something simple or improvised.

Oh well. Next year. In the meantime, I'm vowing to stop by the farmer's market each week and pick up something veggielicious—no overthinking allowed.

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