Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dept. of Minor Improvements

I'm finally retiring this annoying thing:
I got sick of buying the replacement sponge heads. Instead, I'm going to use these dishrags:
They're great dish scrubbers, they're washable and reusable, and best of all, I can make them myself (knitting pattern here)! I have several left over from a knitting phase a few years ago, and more recently, with my knitting on hiatus,* I bought some at a winter farmers' market. The woman at the booth was surprised. "The older ladies are usually the only ones who know what they're for," she said.

Hurray for older ladies' wisdom!

*the reason my knitting (and anything else requiring both hands) is on hiatus? Hint: this is me right now, typing with one hand on the laptop.


Leslie M-B said...

What a cutie--congrats! (Looks like a big, healthy one!)

flossie said...

Thanks Leslie. Yes, he has really "pudged up" as a colleague put it!