Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Small Step

I still need to tackle the bathroom shelf clutter, but hey, I've been busy! I made a very small start on it, though. I took a tie rack that I found at a thrift store and designated it an earring rack.
It hangs out along the side of the offending bathroom shelf and keeps my earrings organized.
Just have to hope the cats don't discover it.


Laura said...


Jenna said...

Awesome solution to an age-old and irritating problem. Here's what I did (but I am an inferior domestic goddess...): I took an old bulletin board in a frame, punched out the board, wrapped it in the coolest fabric I could find, put it back in the frame, and stuck in a bunch of stick pins, the kind with the colored plastic ball at the end. Hung the works on the wall. I like it, but the tie rack is much more mod. :)

flossie said...

excellent idea, Jenna!